A Guideline for Effective Influenza Prophylaxis

The H1N1 flu (the so-called swine flu) is putting the population on alert. Everybody is eager to receive news about the distribution of the relevant vaccine. However, we have to wonder if the vaccine against flu is really the best solution to help prevent millions of people from catching the flu all over the world this year.

To prevent this flu effectively we have at first to consider the characteristics of the virus that causes the flu. The offending agent is an Orthomyxovirus (type A, B, C) which has high antigenic changeability like all other RNA-viruses (exhibiting antigenic shift, the greatest mutations or antigenic drift, the least mutations depending on the season ). Any antigenic drift and especially antigenic drift in the virus will result in an ineffective anti-influenza vaccine for that season.

The homeopathic remedy Guna®-Flu has been an effective solution to prevent flu for more than 10 years. Its immunostimulating ingredients (Vincetoxicum hirundinaria, Anas barbariae hepatic et cordis extractum, Influencinum) induce a cell-mediated response (cytotoxic T lmphocytes and Natural Killer Cells) acting on the specific and the nonspecific cytolysis of infected cells. This response enhances the humoral immune response by increasing lysozyme activity and stimulating Interferon-gamma and initiating the cytokine cascade.

This kind of immunostimulating action bypasses the problem of antigenic variability of influenza viruses from season to season. Clinical studies have shown that using Guna®-Flu and the anti-influenza vaccine simultaneously dramatically increases the prophylactic coverage compared to the exclusive use of the anti-influenza vaccine as evidenced in controlled published research. (1)

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Colombo M., Rigamonti G., Danza M.L., Bruno A. – Comparative evaluation of Guna®-Flu vs vaccine for the prevention of influenza syndrome in paediatrics – A prospective, multicentric randomized, controlled clinical trial. Physiological Regulating Medicine, 2007/1; 3-10

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