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We provide our business clients with a broad spectrum of services in all of the following areas: 

1.   Creation, Merger or Dissolution of Businesses 

  •   The formation and maintenance of various types of entities including corporations, general and limited partnerships,   limited liability companies, professional associations and joint ventures - with attendant preparation of the Articles, By-Laws or Operating Agreements, Stock Transfer Ledgers, Resolutions which are included in a Corporate Minute Book, Issuance of Shares, preparation of Sub-S applications, and other attendant matters.
  •   Commercial Lease Negotiation and Preparation
  •   Real Estate Purchase Agreements and Closing
  •   Franchise Agreements
  •   Distribution Agreements - both domestic and international
  •   Factoring Agreements
  •   Shareholder Agreements
  •   Voting Trusts
  •   Buy-Sell Agreements
  •   Employment Agreements
  •   Intellectual Property Matters
  •   Web site Name Registration and Name Dispute Resolution
  •   Partnership Termination and Entity Dissolution Agreements

2.   Stockholder and Director Matters 

  •   Resolution of Shareholder and Partner Disputes
  •   Maintenance of Corporate Records
  •   Contracts


3.   Business Matters 

  •   Civil Litigation
  •   Employee Relations
  •   Compliance with Governmental Regulations
  •   Form Preparation and Review
  •   Banking and Loan Matters, including review of loan documentation, letters of credit facilities, shipping and  import/export arrangements, and distribution agreements
  •   Credit and Collection Matters
  •   Financing Statements and other forms under the Uniform Commercial Code
  •   Contracts and Licensing Agreements

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