Dr. Lindsay Rozmarin


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I have a passion to helping people to feel energized and pain free using chiropractic, massage, and nutritional support.  I have treated many people that have never experienced chiropractic prior to coming to our office.  It is a joy to be able to explain and expose all different types of people with different musculoskeletal conditions to chiropractic.   I am different from many chiropractors in my very conservative care.  Every patient is different and I love figuring out what treatments best suits you.  I am very dedicated and will work my hardest to keep you feeling great so you can do the things you love to do!  As a busy wife, mother, and business owner I understand that sometimes your health issues slide back before you are able to address them and that is why I always say,  "Do something today to feel better!"  What matters is what you are going to do today.  I look forward to meeting you soon!

Dr. Lindsay Rozmarin completed her Chemical Engineering B.S  at Iowa State University before continuing on to Northwestern Health and Sciences University in Bloomington, MN.  She and her husband of 14 years are blessed with three beautiful children, Ethan (14yrs), Mia (11yrs), and Anna (9yrs).  They have lived in Lakeville for the last several years and enjoy being apart of this great community.  Dr. Rozmarin coached 8th grade volleyball at Century Middle School for 6 years  and is still involved in the volleyball community.  She enjoys playing volleyball, watching her kids play sports (volleyball, swimming, soccer, football, and basketball), playing the piano and going hiking with her family.