Disc Injury

Disc Injury Treatment Placentia CA

Placentia Chiropractor Provides Bulging and Herniated Disc Relief

There are shock-absorbing discs that should fit perfectly between each of the vertebrae in your spine, allowing nerves to pass comfortably out from your spinal cord to all the rest of the areas of your body. These discs have a tough, but flexible outer covering with a softer, jelly-like center. As we age, these discs may lose some of their hydration and start bulging. A bulging disc is also referred to as a protruding disc. These are common in the neck and lower back and some people may even have them without any pain or symptoms. A herniated disc is one in which the tougher outer covering has cracked, allowing some of the inner filling to slip out, causing a herniation that can pinch nerves. This may lead to back or neck pain and even numbness and tingling in areas of the body controlled by the affected nerves. Fortunately, our chiropractor in Placentia can provide effective treatment and relief for disc problems.