Nutritional Programs in Placentia CA


                                                                                    6 Week Nutritional Programs

We’ve all heard about the next big superfood, what we should be eating more of, what we should be eating less of, etc. And we know that nutrition is a vital element to our holistic health and wellness, but where to start seems to always be the hardest question to answer. But your answer is here! 

We offer two 6 week programs centered around mindful eating and supplements to get you headed in the right direction based on your goals. 

Repair & Clear - Dr. Julie recommends this program as the best thing you can do for yourself this year. 

This cleansing program is centered around: decreasing inflammation; repairing and restoring your gut health; and supporting all phases of detoxification.  

With all natural supplements, this program really allows your cells to reset - helping your body get rid of any toxins and allowing you to embrace the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted. 

Similarly focused on decreasing inflammation, this program is designed for those really seeking weight loss through healthy eating and supplements. 

In addition to all natural supplements, you'll also receive a recipe book and 1:1 coaching with Dr. Julie. Throughout this program, you’ll learn how to bring whole foods into your kitchen and transform them into something your body will thank you for later. 

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