Soft Tissue Therapy

If you find yourself sore and in pain, it’s time to talk with a chiropractor. These musculoskeletal experts can provide lasting pain relief by leveraging a variety of chiropractic treatment methods, such as soft tissue therapy. Chiropractors can provide both short and long-term relief, all without the use of expensive and potentially addictive medications. If you'd like to try soft tissue therapy in Denver, CO, come see Dr. Kati Schwabe and Dr. Kristin Wodka at Schwabe Chiropractic.

How Soft Tissue Therapy Can Provide Relief

Often, pain is the result of tense muscles. For example, if you suffer frequent headaches, it may be because the muscles in your face and neck are tense, thus exerting pressure on the skull, producing a tension headache. Soft tissue therapy can be used to relax the muscles and connective tissue, thus easing tension. Problems in muscles can also cause referred pain by directly impinging on the nerve, as sometimes happens when swollen muscles pinch the sciatic nerve, which travels from the lower back to the foot.

Often, muscles become tense due to a misaligned spine or other misaligned bones and joints. For this reason, chiropractors will frequently deploy other treatment methods alongside soft tissue therapy, with the ultimate aim of correcting the alignment of bones, muscles, and joints. For example, a chiropractor may use spinal adjustments to gently reshape the spine. This could be coupled with instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation along the back for long-lasting muscle tension relief.

Looking for a chiropractor who can provide soft tissue therapy in Denver, CO? Come see Dr. Schwabe and Dr. Wodka at Schwabe Chiropractic.

Pain Relief Without Relying on Medications

Soft tissue therapy and other forms of chiropractic care, like spinal adjustments, emphasize resolving underlying issues. Unfortunately, many pain medications only focus on blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. They may do little to resolve the underlying problems that are triggering pain signals in the first place.

The end result? Once the medications wear off, the pain signals reach the brain, and patients are forced to take medications again. Unfortunately, however, the body may build up immunity to various pain medications. 

Pain medications, when used properly, may provide short-term relief, and thus can be an effective component of a short-term pain management plan. However, it’s crucial to address underlying issues.

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