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Hear From Past Patients

  • "I have been seeing Dr. Schwabe for well over five years now, and I can honestly say she has not only made a positive impact on my physical health but my mental well being also. Her holistic approach to her practice is second to none as she is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of her practice and is personally one of the kindest people you will meet. She truly cares about you as an individual and has the experience and insights to treat just about any issue related to her chiropractic care. I could not recommend her more highly!"
  • "Dr. Schwabe is incredible. She is a caring and considerate human being, number one, and a super professional chiropractor as well. I think it is the perfect combo for a medical professional. Her office is easy to get to, easy to park at, clean, and comfortable. I always feel better when I walk out the door, and I am always happy to book my next appointment before I leave. Dr. Schwabe and her practice have my highest possible recommendation! Thank you!"
  • "Dr. Schwabe has been my chiropractor for almost a decade. She has seen me through many discomforts, both chronic and acute. I have never seen a chiropractor who made my time feel quite as valuable, and I always leave knowing she has cared for my body in the most thoughtful and attentive manner. I cannot recommend Dr. Schwabe enough!"
  • "I’ve been seeing Dr Schwabe for about 7 years now. I started seeing her after I was in a car accident and went back to her after another car accident and now try to see her regularly. She is knowledgeable., quick, intuitive, personable, and humble. I truly enjoy my visit with her (when I can get them because she is BUSY) and feel she takes the necessary time and effort to know my personal needs and ultimately increases my quality of life by making it easier for me to move. I highly recommend her!"
  • "Dr. Schwabe made me a believer. I resisted chiropractic care for the past decade. I was scared of putting my spinal well being into someone else's hands- afraid of the pain, and even afraid of becoming "addicted" to another avenue for chasing wellness. I should mention that until I started seeing Dr. Schwabe, I got frequent (1/week) massages which never helped for any true long term neck relief, but at least felt good. Finally.. I gave in. After seeing Dr. Schwabe for a couple of months, my overall well being improved and my neck has finally stopped hurting! What did I wait so long for? Maybe it was Dr. Schwabe I'd been waiting for! She is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and incorporates soft tissue massage into her work, thus significantly decreasing my desire/need for professional massage. She has even treated our son, with whom her bedside manner was heartwarming. She has earned my trust and made me a believer in chiropractic care!"
  • "Dr Schwabe was recommended to me by one of my running friends several years ago and my husband and I have been patients ever since. Dr Schwabe is well versed in a variety of modalities, customizes each appointment to address whatever I have going on that day, and provides great tips, stretches and exercises so I can feel my best. Not only is she a fantastic practitioner but she is also kind and fun to chat with. She's become a friend over the years. I highly recommend seeing Dr Schwabe, and also Dr Weinandt, whom I've seen a few times and have had a great experience with."
  • "Dr Schwabe is just the best out there. I leave feeling taller, healthier, just completely better from head to toe! Every single time- through pregnancies or just normal maintaining my body she is essential!!!!"

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